Bemis 5000 Toilet Seat Pergamon - Moulded Wood - Adjustable Plastic Hinges

Looking for something solid, comfortable and actually 100% guaranteed to be worth your money? This is the top toilet out there if you want an effective and wooden toilet seat. It’s overall a very high-end product and would provide you with a solid approach. The plastic fittings are reliable and sturdy, and offer you something guaranteed.

You don’t really want a toilet seat that is going to offer you anything too flash – you want guaranteed consistency and strength from the toilet seat that you buy. The colour balances well with just about any bathroom style unless you go for something a little bit mad, and for the cost it’s a very good product.

If you are on a little bit of a budget and want to get something that is going to last, not break and not make too much of a noise when you slam it down. It’s the perfect pick when it comes to things like reliability and it’s an extremely professional choice – make this your number priority if you want a toilet seat that’s going to just fit and look good!

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