Euroshowers White D Shape Toilet Seat With Soft Close


If you want a quality toilet seat that provides both value and quality, there isn’t too many better selections out there than this. It’s simple to attack, it’s very reliable and it’s a nice gentle closer which is what we all want. Nobody wants to be able to get their fingers trapped within the seat itself, so make the most of the gentle closing action and really enjoy your toilet closing!

The push button release mechanism is a nice tough, too. It keeps it hygienic and fresh and means that you don’t need to trail any bacteria all over the seat every time you open it. It’s the little things that make a difference and what many consider a small bonus is actually a really important thing when it comes to picking the right toilet seat for your home.

Best of all, it’s an absolute dream to fit – you don’t need to worry about anything taking it’s time or proving difficult with this. If you want a simple and effective solution to your toilet seat needs then this is the absolute pick of the bunch! Make sure you take a further look at this brilliant piece of engineering and quality.

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