Square Toilet Seat With Soft Close - White

square white toilet seat

A bathroom accessory doesn't have to be flashy to be stylish. The Square Toilet Seat has a minimalistic modern look that adds to the look of the bathroom, yet it is features simple lines and an understated style. As a result, it will complement the other design elements in the room without detracting from them. The toilet seat's square shape breaks from the conventional look that one expects to see in a bathroom, and its surface features subtle texturing that adds to its sleek look. The seat accentuates the clean, fresh look in a bathroom, making it a truly welcoming space for guests and for your family.

The Square Toilet Seat has a soft close design that keeps the lid from slamming closed. This makes it perfect for use in an en suite bathroom or in a powder room in a busy area in a home, as your household will not be disturbed by the closing of the seat. To ensure simple installation, the toilet seat fixes at the top. Cleaning the seat is equally simple, thanks to its quick release hinges. The seat is 360 millimetres wide by 432 millimetres deep and will fit most standard sized toilets.

Width: 36cm
Length: 43,2cm

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