Toilet Seat Hinges Replacement


As you can imagine, years of sitting on your toilet seat will eventually start to wear away and do damage to the hinges – especially if you put the seat up after use! The seat hinges are located at the back of the seat, and is used to either raise or lower the seat accordingly.

The hinges will, over time and years of wear, break and will need replaced. If you find that your toilet seat hinges have broken, it can be a pain to buy a new toilet seat as well. Not only is this adding on more expense than is necessary, but with a little bit of DIY and following this guide, you can fix the hinges on your toilet seat quickly, easily and cheaply!

What You Need

New toilet seat hinges

Flathead Screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver

Step One

First off, you will need to take the seat off of the hinges. To do this, simply lift up the toilet seat and you will be able to see both hinges at the bottom. Remove the screws, and this should unleash the seat from the hinges.

Step Two

Now, we need to remove the protective caps and the bolts. To remove the caps, simply open them up on the hinges using a flathead screwdrier. Pry the caps open on the hinges, and then unscrew the bolts underneath using your hand. Once the bolts are free, remove the hinges from the toilet pan.

Step Three

Now that your new hinges have arrived for attachment, ensure they are the same specifications and then get ready to stick them down. The process for hinges varies depending on the type and size, but it is fairly routine. Make sure the screws are especially tight once in place, and remove the protective caps from the hinges so that they can be fixed in place.

You will need to align the hinges to the holes on your toilet for maximum efficiency. Now, you need to fix the bolts.

Step Four

Fix the bolts into place, by placing the bolt into the hole on the toilet pan. Screw the bolt on the bottom of your toilet, and tighten it with a screwdriver. Repeat this process until each of the bolts are firmly in place and the hinges feel nice and tight. Once tight, place the protective caps down on each hinge.

Check the hinges for any damage or looseness. Once everything is in place and your seat is lifting up fine again with no issues, then you can enjoy a much more comfortable trip to the loo in the future! Changing the hinges is a very easy process and once you have done it once, you will find it as easy for every time after.

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